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Digital Humanities

Edge Effects is the digital magazine of the UW Madison Center for Culture, History, and Environment. Edge Effects publishes a wide array of content relating to environmental and cultural change across the full sweep of human history. I served on the founding editorial board of the magazine, and as managing editor from 2016-2017. 


Food Safety

The safety of our food system is important to everyone, from producers and processors to consumers. As Public Humanities fellow with the UW Madison Center for the Humanities, I worked with local processor Underground Meats to build a web platform for making food safety information free and publicly available through the Open Source Food Safety Initiative


Organic Processing

Organic agriculture faces a number of contemporary challenges, including issues of scale, aggregation, and processing that create barriers for producers of organic food and contribute to higher costs at markets. With the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, I reported on major challenges facing organic food processors in the Upper Midwest.